Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sony lowers price for Alpha NEX-5 and NEX-3

Sony have announced their newcomer in mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera lines, and the company seems intended to lower the camera price. The new cameras, Alpha NEX-5 and NEX-3 are seems identical, but they were different in chassis design and their HD video recording capability. Sony NEX-3 will be the lightest mirrorless camera that is available in the market, if you choose NEX-5 you'll a heavier one.

Both Sony Micro Four third will sold with either 16mm pancake lens package or the 18mm to 55 zoom lens package with different pricing of course. This new Sony camera will be available to buy in July. You should prepare at least $550 to bring it home with you, and you'll have a lens included.

Autofocus in Sony NEX-5 specification review is reported to fast, accurate and pretty silent while for some cameras, they will be suck at it. Sony also claim that they've designed NEX's interface as simple as possible for point and shoot camera and moving up to be more capable model. More feature like Sweep Panorama also added to this Sony mirrorless camera and many people enjoy that.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Canon SD4000IS Digital Elph with lack of Accent

Canon have introduced their new Canon SD4000IS product aimed to those casual photographer who wanted to make low light photos using only a point and shoot camera. This 10 megapixels Canon SD4000 made that possible because of the HS system within SD4000. The lens that it brought were from a high quality f/2.0 lens

SD4000SD lens have a 28mm wide angle feature on them, combined with 3.8x optical zoom that would suffice the need of your everyday shot. People are expecting a lot from Powershot SD4000 HS System because it have some pretty decent speed of burst mode that allows you to gain 8.4 fps continuous mode shooting. The ISO 3200 at full resolution might get you a reliable hand to do high speed shooting too. The max ISO setting can be achieved by SD4000IS is 6400, however we can have that in the expense of our maximum resolution that have to be cut to 2.5 megapixels.

SD4000 surprisingly is the first Digital ELph that have aperture and shutter control. This feature might open the door to your creativity over image shots. The video recording us available up to 720p HD quality. The model design might be not as appealing as SD3500 because this Powershot SD4000 review is kinda lack some accent to it :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

GE J1050 and J1250 GE 10 & 12 Megapixel Camera

GE have came a long way developing a digital camera on their own, and now they came with GE J1050 and J1250. Both of this camera made their way in and compete on the 10 megapixel and 12 megapixel camera market. I really think that the main focus of their strategy is their price right now, because the design of this GE digital camera seems to be given little thought. The classical original GE logo putted on their front body seems to 'taint' the futuristic aspect of this camera. But then again, the camera market tends to be unpredictable, and sometimes budget consideration wins over design, and many functionality for an entry level users. We'll see how it will go for this 10 megapixel J1050 and 12 megapixel J1250.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nikon S1000PJ Released, Buy it or Not?

Many camera enthusiast were buzzing on the released Nikon S1000PJ. This projector camera have been caught the eye of many people just by adding the ability to playback the picture taken by the camera in a bigger 'screen'. Such a simple concept, even it requires delicate technology to put a projector into such little device like the Coolpix S1000PJ camera.

Whether you gonna buy this S1000PJ or not, is up to you. The list price of this Nikon camera is $430, and I bet we will start to see people standing or sitting near a wall to review their photo shots soon, a very handy instruments for a narcissistic casual camera users don't they? :)